Monday, January 21, 2008

Tuned Out

According to Steve Zipay at Blue Notes, some Ranger players may have already tuned Tom Renney out...

"Of course, if and when the team tunes out Tom Renney---and while a few players may have, there's no wholesale revolt---then there's no choice." the looks of the Rangers play yesterday, I think its safe to say more than a few players have tuned Renney out.

...if Renney wants my support back, I'm going to need to see a few things. First, he needs to start playing the guys that deserve and want to play. I sat there in complete shock yesterday as I watched Renney continue to send out the same power play units that are currently 2 for their last 28, while the best offensive line the past week of Prucha-Dubinsky-Dawes sat on the bench. Second, I need to see Renney bench Rozsival for his horrid play of late and his absolute refusal to shoot the puck on the power play. And thirdly, this one is actually for Sather and Renney, I want to see the Rangers either cut or reassign Hollweg and sit Shanahan until he is completely healthy then recall Moore and Callahan to take their places.

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fleisch14 said...

I agree Renney needs to do somethings different ands ome changes need to be made with the lineup. However if the Rangers have tuned out the coach who has finally brought some success to this orginization than that is a leadership problem. Jagr is the captain of this team but is lazy, undisiplined and never make a consistant effort game in and game out. Which when you talk about the Rangers a a team sums them up completely. You cannot have that from your captain. There are plenty of leaders in that locker room, however none speak up as not to offend the head case which is Jagr, including the coach. Look no further than the NY Giants. They had success as a team but all bitched about the coach in the first year. Then it was just one spoiled captain named tiki barber. Al of a sudden 1 selfish leader is gone and the team takes the next step and goes to the Super Bowl. The Answer to the Rangers problems....TRADE JAGR