Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Callahan Back By February?

Over at The Rangers Report, Sam Weinman gives us an update on Ryan Callahan...

"Tom Renney said yesterday that Ryan Callahan is back on the team’s radar, especially given his improved production down in Hartford. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Callahan back up by mid-February."

...in 10 games with Hartford, Callahan has 13 points (5 goals 8 assists) and is a +6. With those stats, why are we waiting until mid-February?

...if Callahan can come back and light it up like he did last year, we might not have to make a trade for a scoring forward.

...the question then becomes, who sits? I think it may depend on how Prucha and Dawes are playing. Or do I dare say that Renney sits one of his favorites on the fourth line.


bpette02 said...

Bring up Callahan and sit Hollweg!

NYRFan said...

We can only hope.