Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Malik Out; Prucha & Drury Receive Treatment

Steve Zipay at Blue Notes reports that Marek Malik will be scratched tonight against the Canes and both Petr Prucha and Chris Drury were hit by shots in practice...

"No. 8 practiced, but is scratched tonight. 'Just hasn't been on the ice enough,' said coach Tom Renney. That makes five scratches in nine games. Didn't see the defenseman in the locker room...

...Petr Prucha took a shot off the right knee and his left shoulder was wrapped in the locker room. Drury was felled by a shot as well, but kept practicing; he was getting treatment..."

...maybe Zipay just didn't see Malik in the lockeroom, but he needs to be there kissing everyone's ass begging for their forgiveness for his handshaking incident with Renney.

...hey Renney can we tell our guys not to dive in front of shots during practice please. Save it for the game fellas.

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bpette02 said...

Malik is easy to see on the ice. He's the very tall, very soft, very slow defenseman. Who also pinches like he has the skill and speed of Brian Leetch, thus he gets trapped in the offensive zone while Jagr(how do you spell Selke) has to come back and play defense.

Maybe malik can become an actor. He's gotta be better than George Mureson. Who by the way didn't play another NBA game after getting hurt on the set of "My Giant"