Saturday, April 3, 2010

Burnside: Rangers Getting In

Scott Burnside at tries to predict who will make the playoffs and says the Rangers will squeak in...

New York Rangers: The Rangers were four back of the eighth spot (and sixth and seventh, but we digress) as of Friday but had played two fewer games than ninth-place Atlanta and one fewer than the Group of Three, only one of whom the Rangers must catch. The Rangers won three of four and had points in four straight heading into this weekend. Now, they'll play three straight on the road starting Friday in Tampa (with visits to Florida and Buffalo to follow), then host Toronto before closing the regular season with the home-and-home against Philadelphia. It could take until that final afternoon to see whether the Rangers have enough gas left to push into the top eight, but we like their chances.

Where they'll end up: We figure the Rangers will find a way to come up with at least nine points in their final six games, and that will be good enough for their fifth straight postseason appearance.

...things look real good right now, but a loss tonight coupled with wins by Atlanta, Boston and Montreal would set the Rangers back significantly.

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