Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Will Jokinen Thrive in NY?

That's the question Shawn P. Rourke at NHL.com's "Writing on Deadline 2010" blog asks...

"He certainly didn't play to his potential in Calgary after being dealt for near the trade deadline last season. Jokinen had flashes of brilliance, but could not parlay a plum assignment as the No. 1 center for elite forward Jarome Iginla into headlining duty.

Now, he is being asked to be the set-up man for Marian Gaborik, who already has more than 30 goals and may play a style more compatible to Jokinen's game."

...in my opinion, there is absolutely no pressure on Jokinen in New York. The team already stinks and if he doesn't play well it doesn't really matter because he's gone at the end of the season which opens up $5 million in cap room.

...on the positive side, if he can come in here and give a lift the offense he will be much celebrated around the 'Most Famous Arena.'

Roarke also wonders what the acquisition of Brandon Prust will mean for Donald Brashear and Aaron Voros adding that Prust was making a name for himself in Calgary with his willingness to take on all comers in a bid to establish himself as a full-time player.

...i'd still like to see Voros have a place on this team, however, I'm hopeful that this move will mean a one way tickey out of New York for Brashear.


Christopher L. Decker said...

Time will tell with the pick-up of Jokinen. He didnt play well with Iginla, but you can't predict he'll do the same in NY. After all we as Ranger fans have been through, nothing would surprise us anymore.

I am actually more excited for a feisty, energetic 4th liner in Prust. I honestly believe (and hope to God), that Brashear is dealt or let go. Being dealt would be ideal to rid us of his minimal salary, but either way will be good.

I backed Sather in his move to bring Donald in, but have since found myself not to fond of the move. He is clearly past his prime of fighting and provides next to nothing offensively - not to mention, he is just another guy in the Tort doghouse.

P.S. - good blog by the way. You are good at posting useful/informational links!

NYRFan said...

Thanks. Tell your friends.

rusty said...

This trade is a win-win-win situation for the Rangers. They got rid of kotalik, whowas getting 3 million to not play as well as Higgins, who gave a great effort but could not put the puck in the net (although he'll probably score 10 for the Flames down the stretch.) They get Jokinen, who has a large possible upside and will free up cap space for next year if he doesn't work out. They also get a young tough guy which heaven knows they need. I agree that Voros still has a place on this team. I love the guts that he shows.

Chris said...

We could finally have a legitimate 4th 'grind it out and dont f-ck with us' 4th line with Prust/Boyle/Voros... goodbye Brashear, and good riddance!

David said...

Agreed. This should mean the end of the Brashear disaster experiment. Jokinen is a minor piece of the fix here, and should not have any expectation on him. Dumping Higgins and Kotalik should open the money to a marquis DMan. Next step is to shed Redden and/or Roszival! It will take some time for Prust to learn the eastern conf hitters, which is why McGrattan might have had an immediate impact. All in all, good move for Blueshirts, let's hope they're not done!