Thursday, February 4, 2010

Video: Highlights, Torts & Analysis of Loss to Caps

John Tortorella speaks to reporters after the Blueshirts fell to the Washington Capitals 6-5 here.

Al Trautwig and Dave Maloney take a look back at the Blueshirts' 6-5 loss to the Washington Capitals here.

Rangers vs. Capitals highlights here.

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damir said...

Even though we lost, it doesn't feel like one of those frustrating losses like before. We really should've won this one if it wasn't for some unlucky calls, like when Cally fell and Jokinen had to slash Semin to keep him from scoring. The PP was working as well so plenty positives. I just hope that Jokinen doesn't have a good second half, gets a ridiculous extension in summer and then totally busts. I still feel that Higgins had more in him, scoring is a confidence thing.

I was going through some stats on and realized that Redden is actually +2 :o

One of only 5 rangers that are positive in the +/- department. I don't count Heikinnen and Byers since they have 12 games played in between them.