Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Top 10 Players Traded for Jokinen

John Grigg at The Hockey News looks at the Top 10 players traded for Olli Jokinen including Ales Kotalik and Chris Higgins...

10. Ales Kotalik, to Calgary from the Rangers – Feb. 2, 2010
Paying a winger $3 million to score 12 goals and 34 points (which is what Kotalik is on pace for) is pretty ridiculous; not to mention he’s staring down a minus-29 if things keep going as they have thus far this season. This one was a real head-scratcher.

6. Christopher Higgins, to Calgary from the NY Rangers – Feb. 2, 2010
The left winger isn’t exactly having a banner season, but he gets a pass because he’s been with the offensively challenged Rangers. Higgins is a three-time 20-goal scorer known also as a penalty-killer. The jury is still out on him, but he’s no stiff.

Ziggy Palfy was named #1. Jokinen has been traded for some bad players if Higgins is #6.

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Paul said...

not to jump on the guy after just one game, but the way jokinen played the 2-on-1 last night was awful. yea he's a center but it's hockey 101 to stop the guy with the puck. i was perplexed as it was happening. overall thought he played well but that was a really weird play and just one of about 100 so far this year. welcome to the rangers i guess