Friday, February 5, 2010

Rangers Somehow Still In It

Rick Carpiniello at the Rangers Report tells Ranger fans that...

"...after getting two of a possible 16 points the last eight games, your Rangers are still only in 10th place, only two points out of seventh place, only three points out of sixth."

...this is why, unfortunately, the Rangers are most likely going to be buyers at the trading deadline.

...i'm nervous that with the Eastern Conference is so weak, the Dolans and Sather have a false sense of how good this team is and try to make a big splash (not sure they can with the recent trades). Hopefully, if the Rangers are buyers, Sather will continue to make savvy deadline moves without mortgaging the future for another first or second round exit.

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Christopher L. Decker said...

but imagine where they'd be if they won just half of those games..