Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Brashear Has Unmovable Contract

Rick Carpiniello at the Rangers Report informs Rangers fans that Donald Brashear has the unmovable contract that doesn’t come off the books whether he’s banished to Hartford or bought out.

...making it even less likely that Brashear will be buried with the Wolf Pack.

...first we find out Sather gave Kotalik a limited no-trade clause and now this. Can we have someone else in the organization work on signing free agents and leave Sather to work on trades?


fleisch said...

This shouldn't be news... It's been talked about before.. Which on the beginning this signing was awful because I am pretty sure any player over the age of 38 who has a contract will 100% count against your salary cap whether he is on your roster or not

Puck Central said...

Sather was able to get good return to dump Gomez and what looks like a good return (even no return would've been good) to clear Kotalik's contract off the books. Fingers crossed that next on his radar is Redden and then Brashear.

Oh... a fan can dream :)

Pete J said...

Donald, please do us all a favor and retire!!!