Tuesday, December 9, 2008

We Don't Need No Stinking Practice ***UPDATED WITH QUOTES***

According to Sam Weinman at The Rangers Report, Tom Renney has once again given his team the day off, the third such day in the last 10.

Weinman, who thinks the day off is probably do to the Rangers playing three games in four days and not having a true day off this week, is troubled by the lack of practice given the team’s play of late.

...i really don't think I need to reiterate my feelings on the Rangers not practicing (here and here). All I have to say is our power play is 22nd in the league (1 for their last 21) and Renney doesn't think it needs the work. Unreal.

...if he's worried about burning the team out how about just putting the team through shooting drills to help improve on their 7.2% shooting percentage which is good for last in the league.

Weinman was able to question Renney on why the team did not practice today...

“Just to change it up,” Renney said. “We went pretty hard yesterday got a real good conditioning day, and we had an off-ice session to supplement what we did off the ice.”

For more quotes from Renney click here.

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