Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Capitals 5, Rangers 4, OT

The New York Rangers (22-12-3) lost to the Washington Capitals (21-11-3) by the score of 5-4 in overtime, tonight. For a recap and box score go to newyorkrangers.com.

...man the Rangers defense is atrocious. It really makes me wonder why they were even considering signing Sundin when their biggest problem is on defense. How a team can be so irresponsible defensively with a four goal lead is truly baffling.

...now this wasn't all the Rangers undoing, as Ovechkin put on his Superman cape and showed Rangers fans why he's the best player in the league. And after a poor start Theodore found some of that old Montreal Canadien magic to make some superb saves to allow the Caps to come back.

...tonight was another perfect example of how the power play is killing this team. After taking a 4-0 lead they're given two power play opportunities to put this game away and they do nothing with them. While the Capitals were able to take advantage of their power play chances to creep back into the game. I almost fell off my couch when during the game Micholetti noted that Renney has been happy with what he's seeing on the power play lately. They're 3 for their last 29!!! With one of the goals being awarded when Zherdev got pulled down on a break-away and another on a Rozsival penalty shot. So in reality they've actually only scored one real power play goal in their last 29 chances. What in the world could Renney be happy about?

...Callahan is still my favorite player.

...three days off for the holidays then the Devils are in town.

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Jack said...

What the hell does the captain Chris Drury have to say about this MSG stink session? It's time we start hearing from this guy.