Monday, December 22, 2008

'MSG, NY' Officially Gone

A month ago I posted a report that the MSGNetwork program 'MSG, NY' was being cancelled and repurposed as something more closely resembling a traditional postgame show for the Knicks and Rangers.

In case you didn't notice (I didn't) Neil Best at Watchdog is reporting that the show officially went off the air last Sunday night.

...good that show s*cked.

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Jack said...

Also, Deb Kaufman or whatever her name is, asks the lamest questions to Rangers players. When talking to Drury she asked him about his LA home and family/friends coming to the game. Who cares?

How about asking some pertinent questions about leadership, what playing well in Cali will do to their return to NY, I could go on.

Really, the questions they ask players are way too soft.