Monday, December 22, 2008

Renney #3 Coach in New York

Anthony Rieber at Newsday names Tom Renney the third best team coach in New York behind Tom Coughlin (Giants) and Mike D'Antoni (Knicks).

Rieber calls Renney "Mr. Consistency" but says "There still are questions as to his ability to get the Rangers to the promised land."

...i know D'Antoni was great in Pheonix and should be given credit for coaching half a roster right now, but no way he deserves to be ahead of Renney. D'Antoni has led the Knicks to a 11-16 in his first year, while Renney has now led the Rangers to three straight playoff appearances after eight straight years of being shut-out. No contest in my opinion.

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Jack said...

Yeah no kidding. We can gripe all we want about Rennyy changing lines night after night, but he has made the team a playoff contender, second round at that. What has "Dan Toni" done exactly?