Monday, December 29, 2008

Rangers 5, Islanders 4

The New York Rangers (23-13-3) defeated the New York Islanders (11-22-4) by the score of 5-4, tonight. For a recap and box score go to Yahoo! Sports. that was a hockey game. Lots of goals, big hits, fights and loads of passion. You can't ask for a better game. Plus the Garden crowd was fired up tonight.

...what a game for Petr Prucha. Best player on the ice by far. If he wasn't an inspiration for everyone on the bench this team is hopeless. I'm just afraid Renney's going to send him back to the press box because he wants a bigger line-up for Saturday's game against Washington. Nah, not even Renney could mess that up.

...the turning point in this game was Callahan's hit on Hunter. While the hit was aided by the scorer's table door, and I was happy to see Hunter skate off on his own, the Islanders seemed to lose focus after seeing Hunter sprawled out on the ice and the Rangers were able to take advantage.

...nice bounce back game for Gomez. He's had a tough year, but a goal and an assist just might be enough to get him going.

...although his goal was fluky tonight, Rozsival has really turned his game around the last few weeks. He now has four goals in his last four games and is a +2 during that span.

...Kalinin on the other hand is just awful. Potter better be on his way back up from Hartford tonight.

...starting to get a bit concerned about Lundqvist. He's now given up 36 goals in his last nine goals. That's four goals a game. It's not entirely his fault as he's mostly being left out to dry, but he was giving up huge rebounds tonight which is a sign that he's fighting the puck a little. case anyone is counting the Rangers were 0 for 5 on the power play tonight. And are now 4 for their last 38.

...while this was a much needed victory, I'm not going to get too excited as the Islanders are the worst team in the league. I'll need a couple of more efforts like this before I feel the team has turned a corner.

...Chris Drury will get to enjoy his New Year's as the Ranger have off until Saturday when they visit the Washington Capitals.


Jack said...

It's the D. Henrik is just as good as Brodeur, but what made Marty so good was the D men in front of him (up until recently).

Christopher said...

i agree for the most part, basically, the d is turning is former shutouts/1 goal games into 2-3 goal games, and his 2-3 goal games into 4-5 goal games. So yes, there are some shots he misses that he could've stopped, but thats normal for all goalies.