Friday, December 26, 2008

Renney Reads New York Post

I guess Tom Renney reads the New York Post, as in today's edition Larry Brooks wrote about the Rangers need to get Petr Prucha back in the line-up and wouldn't you know it Prucha was on a line with Brandon Dubinsky and Lauri Korpikoski today at practice reports Sam Weinman at The Rangers Report. Aaron Voros looks to be the odd man out.

Weinman also has this quote from Chris Drury on his statement that he wasn't going to let Tuesday's meltdown versus the Capitals ruin his Christmas...

“I’m not really concerned with credit or what other people say around the league, but I thought it was important to give some perspective,” Drury said.

“On July 2, if you told people — fans and media — that we’d have the record we have and the points we have, they probably would have taken it. So coming off the ice, hearing the boos after what had happened, it was my way of venting and maybe reminding people we have done some good things and we are a good team. I wasn’t happy about it. No one was. But as bad as third period was and the end result was, I thought it was important for us to not let it ruin our Christmas and to allow ourselves to feel good about what we’ve done.”

Finally Weinman adds that the Rangers held a pre-practice 'we gotta get going' meeting today.

...all good stuff from practice today as I'm very happy to see Prucha get another shot (especially if it means Voros takes a seat as it looks like he needs a rest) and I'm ecstatic about the pre-practice meeting. Hopefully Renney got a little loud. Doubtful though.

...lastly it was nice to see Drury address his comments from the other day. I'd hate to see Ranger fans thinking this guy doesn't care because it's more than evident that he does.

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fleisch said...

BPette and I were talking about a korpi-dubi-prucha line at the rangers-caps meltdown game...nice to se Renney give it a go.

While Voros must take a sit..for all the reasons Brooks gave( slow, cant finish his checks, cant fight)...its tough to take out your only "big" forward, when the Rangers are already undersized on the front lines..but I am glad its being done..

Brooks also mentioned and I think we all knew tis already, but the Rangers are the only team carrying 6 d-men.....what a joke