Saturday, December 27, 2008

Devils 4, Rangers 2

The New York Rangers (22-13-3) lost to the New Jersey Devils (20-11-3) by the score of 4-2, tonight. For a recap and box score go to

...we are officially watching a sinking ship Ranger fans.

...tonight's loss is squarely on the coaching staff. We start the game with no passion, then comes yet another too many men on the ice penalty which leads to a power play goal and finally the league leading 11th short handed goal against followed by another failed 5 on 3. How the coaching staff can continue to watch the same script unfold every night and not do a thing about it is beyond me. Sather needs to fire one of these guys tonight. I don't care who, but a shake-up to the coaching staff needs to happen now.

...what's even more amazing is how a hard working, all effort guy like Petr Prucha can't crack this line-up. I dare someone to give me an argument why Voros, Sjostrom or Orr (who only got 6:46 of ice time tonight) should be in the line-up ahead of Prucha.

...i don't care how much money it costs, the Rangers need to release Redden immediately. What has this guy brought to the team this year? Not a thing. His defense is terrible and he's giving the team nothing offensively. Hell, even Kalinin scored tonight. Redden now has exactly two power play points (both assists) in the last 20 games. Is this what we're paying $39 million for?

...on a positive note Korpikoski was flying out there tonight.

...i wonder if tonight's game is going to ruin Drury's New Years? In case you weren't counting Chris you were a -3 tonight. tomorrow then the Islanders.

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DO WORK said...

HAHAH i said the same thing about Drury's New Years.