Sunday, December 28, 2008

Is Avery the Answer Again?

Larry Brooks at The New York Post says the Rangers play of late is screaming for the reacquisition of Sean Avery.

Brooks notes the feeling around the Rangers is the same it was two years ago before they traded for Avery the first time. Here's what Brooks has to say about the current team...

"They looked in January and February of 2006 the way they look now - dispirited, undisciplined, and a walk in the park to play against.

Nearly halfway through a season in which there couldn't be a greater disconnect between what you see in the standings and what you see on the ice, the Rangers have no identity. They have no go-to guy. They have no force to worry the opposition."

Brooks adds that the mechanics of getting Avery back are hazy but the Rangers need an infusion of energy and someone who actually will make the Rangers tough to play against.

...i'm still of the opinion that the Rangers decided to go in another direction in the off-season and bringing Avery back would be a mistake, however, I do feel a change is needed. This team has become very difficult to watch. There's no passion, no energy and no discipline. And to me that falls entirely on the coaching staff. Renney all but admitted during his post game press conference last night that the players aren't buying into his system. If that's the case, either a coach has to go or the system has to change. If not, the Rangers will be once again on the outside looking in when it comes to the playoffs.


fleisch said...

The problem is not Renney, although I am starting to lose a little faith. The problem is the leadership....This never happens on Shanny's watch, maybe even Jagr( That maybe a stretch). Since the preseason I said this team was lacking leadership...If players are not up for a game its not the coachs fault....I thinks its Ray Lewis on the Ravens who fires up the defense before each game, not the head coach.
While Drury throughout his career has always been a winner, and of course clutch, when has he ever been a vocal leader...That goes the same for Gomez, who had Stevens, Danyko and othe Vets to lead....
If Players are not buying into the system that has been successful since its been here, maybe the problem is the leadership, not the coach

Andrew_794 said...

like it or not, avery has done more for this team then gomez or drury, we need to ship one of them out...and if avery can learn to be a better teammate then we should go for him

DO WORK said...

get Aves, forget Drury nd Vally's dumb comments about him.