Monday, December 1, 2008

Maybe We're Not That Good

While the Rangers 17-8-2 record has them tied for the top spot in the Eastern Conference with Boston. If you look inside the numbers the Blueshirts may not be as good as their record suggests.

From Larry Brooks' article in the New York Post today...

"...the Rangers have only one regulation victory in their last eight games, two in their last 11 and only three in their last 14."

Sam Weinman at the Rangers Report adds this from MSG's John Giannone...

"If the NHL ended games after five minutes of overtime and didn’t go to a shootout, the Rangers’ 17-7-2 record would be a substantially less impressive 11-7-8."

...while Giannone's point is moot because the NHL rules do include a shootout, so who cares what their record might be, it is a bit alarming that the Rangers have been so dependent on shootouts for wins.

...the next three games against Pittsburgh, Montreal and Calgary will be a huge barometer for this team.


fleisch said...

Last time I checked, there was no shootout in the playoffs...the Rangers need to figure out how to win in regulation...and if you remember last year, we lost in the playoffs because our powerplay sucked. The RAngers have shown nothing this season to suggest they are going to do any better in the playoffs with the PP units currently on the ice.

Jack said...

Yeah, the PP is a total joke. They toss it around to the points like a bunch of college kids. These hammers should be working it down low. That said, the laugh around the Garden is that we'd rather be full strength because the PP is so bad (short handed goals).

Also, rules are rules. If some rules catapult mediocre teams to the top (our NYR ) then so be it. Yay Gary Betman!