Saturday, March 29, 2008

Rangers to Lean on Drury this Spring

Sam Weinman at The Rangers Report writes on the importance of Chris Drury to the Rangers success...

"...if you want to question whether Drury is worth $7 million a season, that’s fair. That’s an obscene amount of money for someone who’s not quite a superstar.

But other than Henrik Lundqvist, there might not be a player the Rangers will rely on more than they will with Drury this spring. And there definitely isn’t a player who better embodies what this team wants to be about."

...while Drury hasn't put up the offensive numbers everyone was expecting, even though his numbers are right on par with his career average, he does all the little things that win tight games in the playoffs.

...if we're lucky enough to make the big dance this spring there is no other player on the Rangers I'm looking forward to watching than Drury.

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