Thursday, March 20, 2008

Broad Street Bullies

Steve Zipay at Blue Notes thinks the Flyers are going to be very physical tomorrow night...

"Heads up and sticks high will be the watchword. Can't imagine the runs that the Flyboys will be taking in the first period.

And that's exactly why the tepid power play (and I know we've been hammering this issue here for weeks) has to connect: To respond to the bruisers and prevent them from running around like heat-seeking missles.

After the Devils game, the Rangers and the coach were praising patience and perseverance. That won't work quite as well against the Flyers, who will seek to goad the Rangers off their game early. Let's hope the goons don't intentionally injure any one with a cheap shot.

What's the over-under on Colton Orr versus Riley Cote? Five minutes? Should Jason Strudwick play instead of Christian Backman?"

...I think all of us Ranger fans remember the Flyer game last February 17 when they came into MSG and kicked the crap out of us. In case you don't remember it was the game we lost Shanahan to a concussion and Lundqvist to a shoulder injury, here's the unhappy recap. I can see the Flyers coming out with that same nasty attitude and we better be ready.

...before that game Renney made a crucial lineup mistake sitting Colton Orr our only legitimate fighter and we paid the price. I don't see him making that same mistake this year.

...Zipay makes a great point when he says the Rangers power play better come ready to play because if they don't Philly will be teeing off on us all night. In the first period of that February game last year the Rangers had six power play opportunities (four on roughing penalties), didn't score on any of them, gave up a short handed goal and got man handled all over the ice. Score a couple of power play goals and their physical game goes away.

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