Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Power Play Outage

The topic of the day seems to be the Rangers lack of a power play.

Larry Brooks of The New York Post writes...

"The Rangers have become a methodical, resourceful team over the last six weeks. Their veterans know how to win. The Rangers know how to win. But they're not going to win anything in the playoffs unless they improve what has become their potentially fatal flaw of a power play."

At Newsday, Steve Zipay adds...

"Problem: Only seven (goals in the last 13 games) were on the power play, with three in the 6-5 loss in Montreal. So that's just four in the other 12 games. In the last 25 opportunities, only Straka and Dawes have scored.

Should that flaw go unresolved, the first round in the playoffs could be dangerous. Six of the seven teams who would make the playoffs if the season ended Tuesday are ranked higher than the Rangers, who are in 20th place in scoring with a man advantage, barely ahead of the Devils."

...the fact that the Rangers haven't been scoring on the power play makes their recent winning streak all the more impressive.

...but if they don't figure it out, it will come back to burn them. Brooks mentions putting Prucha back on the power play. Right now I don't think that's great idea as the team is playing well and I don't want a lineup change to disrupt things. Hopefully, the Rangers can lock-up a seed before the end of the season giving them a couple of games to work Prucha back into the lineup and onto the power play.

...we also need better play from the point. With Mara coming back soon, I'd like to see Renney involve him more on the power play.


oh baby said...

I would like to see Mara on the point as well, but I also worry about his inability to hit the net, and get back on defense. With the Lundquist of Old back, it's a risk worth at least exploring.

NYRFan said...

Mara does miss the net an awful lot. Hopefully during his recovery from facial surgery he worked on shot accuracy.