Monday, December 8, 2008

Ranger Fans Chant 'Sloppy Seconds' At Phaneuf

Who says Rangers fans don't have a soft spot for Sean Avery, as according to Kovy274Hart at The Battle of New York, Ranger fans took their frustrations out on Flames defenseman Dion Phaneuf last night during the Rangers 3-0 loss...

"Despite a much better effort last night than a few days prior in Montreal, the Rangers’ inability to score cameback to haunt them dropping a 3-0 decision to Jarome Iginla and the Flames before a frustrated MSG crowd who grew so bored, they began a derisive “Sloppy Seconds” chant aimed at defenseman Dion Phaneuf referencing former Ranger Sean Avery’s off ice charade on his former girlfriend Elisha Cuthbert’s newfound beau."

...poor Phaneuf. This guy is going to here the 'Sloppy Seconds' chant in plenty of arenas this year. Except for in Dallas. Where apparently they're above that type of stuff. what's the better chant 'Potvin Sucks' or 'Sloppy Seconds?'

...hat tip to Puck Daddy for the link.

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Kovy274Hart said...

Hi. I've read your blog before and it's very informative with lots of good tidbits.

I owe Greg at PuckDaddy tho he asked me what the chant was.

We should exchange links.

Oh. And the name's Derek Felix. I go to most games and sit in 411.

This team's in trouble.

Have a good day.