Wednesday, December 10, 2008

No Sundin Meeting Confirmed Yet

Sam Weinman at The Rangers Report notes that Mats Sundin's agent J.P. Barry has said no meetings with Rangers management have been confirmed yet for Saturday when Sundin attends the Rangers/Hurricanes game as part of a Poker Stars promotion.

Weinman feels that it will be difficult for the Rangers to unload players such as Michal Rozsival or Petr Prucha to open up cap space for Sundin.

...with the way the Rangers are playing I'm surprised that Glen Sather hasn't booked Sundin on a flight on the Rangers charter plane yet. I'm assuming the two sides are just working out the details of the meeting before they announce something.

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Jack said...

Seriously. Just because Sundin will be in NY for the Poker Stars PR b.s. doesn't mean he has to sit down and talk business with the NYR. He's not coming from the North Pole via locomotive.

Charter flights are cheap and quick and meetings can be done in a need to stand on ceremony just because he'll be at the Garden.