Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Rangers Free Agency Roundup

Sam Weinman at the Rangers Report says that Glen Sather made it clear that while there has been a fair amount of back-and-forth between the two sides, the ball is in Jaromir Jagr’s court. Sather also mentioned that Jagr is waiting to see what happens with Marian Hossa, which would lend credence to the idea that Jagr does have at least a feeler from Pittsburgh should Hossa go elsewhere. On Avery, Sather said he’d like to have the wing back, and said he was surprised that Avery’s agent never called him back. Sather feels Wade Redden needed a fresh start. Finally Weinman reports that the Rangers have re-signed Steve Valiquette.

At the Blueshirts Blog, John Dellapina says Michal Rozsival is relieved to be back with the Rangers here and that the Rangers broke the bank for a defenseman in Redden who only had 38 points in 80 games last year here.

...I'd have to say that I'm pretty disappointed in Sather on day 1. With the exception of the Rozsival signing, I'd have to give him a failing grade. I mean $6.5 million a year for six years for Redden? If Sather wanted two offensive defensemen I would have much rather he gotten Streit for the deal the Islanders gave him, $20.5 for five years. Or even better if Sather was going to sign Rozsival he should have gone after a physical defenseman like Mike Commodore, who was signed by Columbus for $18.75 for five years.

...so instead of getting Rozsival and either Streit or Commodore for a combined $9 million leaving $13 million to sign some wingers, we now only have $11 million left. That $2 million could have been used to sweeten the pot for Avery. Not a good first day Glen.

...the only thing I'll give Sather credit for is not going completely crazy and signing Campbell to an eight year contract or giving a 34-year-old Rolston a four year deal like the Devils, who decided to go old school by also signing Bobby Holik.

...Hossa, Sundin and Jagr are the big boys still out there. Still wondering what Sather's plan is. Unless that plan is to have Voros and Rissmiller lead us to the promise land.

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