Monday, April 7, 2008

Hummer Metro Ice Challenge Controversy

So, with the Rangers losing in overtime to the Devils yesterday they picked up a point to become co-champs with the Islanders in the Hummer Metro Ice Challenge, right. Wrong. Apparently, the Rangers were named champions over the Islanders last night, despite having the same amount of points and less wins. Not sure how that happened. Maybe because the Rangers had less regulation losses? Even as a Ranger fan I must say that the Islanders were robbed. I'm going to send an e-mail to MSGNetwork to get a full explanation. Here are the final standings:

Final Standings

Islanders - 11-4-1 - 23 points
Rangers - 10-3-3 - 23 points
Devils - 3-9-4 - 10 points

...regardless of the outcome, the HMIC will forever lack credibility. Not sure they can bring it back next year.


Anonymous said...

Also in in terms of tie breakers between teams with the same ammount of points the tie breaker is normally decided in who had more wins between the two teams when facing one another, which would definatley go to the Islanders having beat the Rangers more then they lost to them this season. There is MSG for you maybe next year Computer Associates can sponser the Metro Ice challenge so that no one gets robbed. I know that I wil also not be buying a Hummer this year.

NYRFan said...

I read something on-line that said the decision was made based on the Rangers having the better overall record during the entire season. Which doesn't make sense since the HMIC is a seperate competition.

Leer-Paul said...

What ever happened the "my barn" mentality? You have the Jets playing in Giants have the Devils on have a NYR stalwart like Trautwig passing comment during a "between period" show of a NYI Game!?!?!?!?
Would the Yankees play on a Mets network?
Would Marv "Yes" Albert have anything to do with the Nets?
Ooooops...that's right: Money.
The same drove the Bummer Ice Challenge.
Thanks Rangers Fans for being honest good luck in the Playoffs...wait 'til next year!

Anonymous said...

1 hummer purchase costs about 50 grand. the right thing... hummer should eat the cost of 2 hummers and give it to the kids. what's 100 grand to hummer? 2 car sales? c'mon. its not going to salaries, its going to kids. do the right thing hummer.

Rangers in six baby!