Sunday, December 2, 2007

HockeyBuzz Analyses the Rangers

Over at HockeyBuzz, Eklund analyses the trade abilities of all 30 teams. Here is what he says about the Rangers...

NYR: The polar opposite of NJ, these fans expect the team to make moves and demand it. They are also run by a guy who is a Tinker guy. The Rangers are in a a spot where they need to win now. They will always spend to the cap, and it doesn't matter that their farm team has a bigger payroll than Phoenix to the Rangers.

...I don't even know why I post anything from HockeyBuzz. I disagree with almost every point in this analysis.

...I don't know any fans that want to see the Rangers make a move right now.

...of course the Rangers are in a spot where they have to win now. They play in New York.

...and who on the Hartford Wolf Pack is making a big salary? Kasper's over in Russia, so what is this guy talking about?

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