Wednesday, December 19, 2007

A Night Out With Sean Avery

Alex Williams at the New York Times, gives us this look into a night out with Sean Avery...

"...Out on the town with him, however, one wonders what Mr. Avery has to be so surly about. Mr. Avery has spent much of his career squiring around girlfriends like Rachel Hunter and Elisha Cuthbert. Equally at home in the penalty box or the front row of a Calvin Klein show, he has become the rarest of sports subspecies: the boldface hockey bruiser.

“In a way, I want to make our sport cooler,” Mr. Avery said of his high-profile exploits.

The fans at Madison Square Garden don’t need to be sold. Earlier that Monday, the muscular Mr. Avery, dressed in a black V-neck while recovering from wrist surgery, had made a surprise appearance in the raucous upper ring of the arena known as the “blue seats” during a game against the Carolina Hurricanes..."

...this article is a bit of a let down as there's no reports of late night debauchary. I thought this guy was cool. Just kidding Sean we love you.

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fleisch14 said...

Cant say it enough. The Rangers need to lock this guy up with a long term deal.