Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Back on Track

Tonight the New York Rangers (18-15-4) defeated the Carolina Hurricanes (19-16-3) by a score of 4-2. Jaromir Jagr scored twice to end a goal-scoring slump and Brendan Shanahan set up a pair of third-period power-play goals. Chris Drury and Dan Girardi also scored for the Rangers, who snapped a three-game losing streak, winning for only the third time in the last 11 games. Scott Walker and Eric Staal scored for Carolina, which had won 3-of-4. For a full recap go to

...looks like a few Rangers looked themselves in the mirror over the holiday break and didn't like what they saw. Jagr and Drury came out playing like I haven't seen in awhile. Actually what I think happened was that Jagr, who I heard is an avid reader of my blog, got pissed off when he saw my previous post about being discussed in numerous trades.

...I love when Drury plays his game down low causing havoc in front of the net and getting garbage goals. Although his goal tonight was far from garbage as he had a beautiful tip, it shows that for him to be successful he needs to be in front of the net. Another example was Girardi's goal which came from a weird carom off of Drury in front of the net.

...I said in my game preview that the Rangers needed some breaks and bounces. And they got some tonight. Rebounds came right to the Rangers and the last goal came off a terrible hand pass call by the ref. Doesn't that guy know you can hand pass the puck in the defensive zone? That call led to a face off in Carolina's zone and a Jagr goal after Gomez made an outstanding strip of the defenseman behind the net.

...obviously, I have to bring up the Orr hit on Cullen. That was absolutely a legal hit. It was tough to see Cullen laying there on the ice, but that's what happens when you skate with your head down. A big time over reaction by the refs. Just because a guy is laying on the ice doesn't mean he was hit illegally. I'd be shocked if there was a suspension. thing I noticed during the game tonight was how excited Gomez and Drury get when the Rangers score. A few of the replays had their reactions to Ranger goals and these guys were pumped up. It shows that these guys really care about the success of this team. Another great shot was of Gomez' face when he thought he took away Drury's goal. It looked like he felt so bad. It must have been a relief when it was announced that it was Drury's goal.


bpette02 said...

NYRFAN, no comment about your boy Dawes being scratched?

By he way that Jagr/Doan trade rumor is ridiculous.

Good game last night, I finally have something good to read about in the paper.

Orr hit looked clean, at the game. Never heard of an interference major. And no instigator penalty on Commodore?

NYRFan said...

Bpette I was too upset about the benching to mention it.

fleisch14 said...

Great game last night. Finally a complete effort by everyone on the ice.
The Orr hit was legal, and the refs should be fined for making up such awful call.
Once again Avery gets this team going from the drops of the puck right until he gets thrown out of the game. Lock this guy up ASAP.