Friday, December 28, 2007

Dawes Demoted Again

According to Josh Thomson at the Ranger Report, the Rangers have sent Nigel Dawes back to Hartford...

"...Predictably, Nigel Dawes was on a morning train to Hartford. (I actually don’t know how he got to the home of insurance, but I do know he’s been shipped back to the AHL.) Renney said Dawes can be sent back and forth, which made him an obvious candidate for a demotion, and that he’s currently a little limited because he is a scoring LW still working on his skills as a penalty killer. However, the coach assured that Dawes’ time is near: 'It really is only a matter of time,' Renney said. 'Whether he secures it in the next couple weeks, months or this year, Nigel Dawes is going to play for the New York Rangers.'

Renney said Dawes kills penalties in Hartford now, so presumably that is with the goal of expanding his game..."

...I'm too distraught to type right now.

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bpette02 said...

Dawes still has more goals than Prucha, Callahan, Hollweg, and Orr put together. The Rangers have the second fewest goals in the league. You can understand why they sent Dawes down.