Wednesday, December 26, 2007

More Jagr Rumors

...throughout what's been a disappointing season for Jaromir Jagr, there have been numerous trade rumors mentioning his name, here are two if the most recent...

Daniel Sallows at the Bleacher Report discusses a trade that would send Jagr along with Michal Roszival, and Petr Prucha to the Phoenix Coyotes for Shane Doan and Ed Jovanovski...

"...The deal makes sense for both clubs.

I don't like ripping on Jaromir Jagr—I'm actually a huge fan, and wore 68 in my last year of playing—but it's time for a change in Manhattan.

Wayne Gretzky, meanwhile, has a young squad in Phoenix that will once again struggle to make the playoffs—and could use a veteran like Jagr to bring the club together.

In Roszival, the Coyotes would get a quality power-play defenseman who will bolster a lackluster offense. Prucha could catch fire with a new coach in a new setting.

The Rangers get another solid two-way player in Doan, who's a bona fide captain and has played under Tom Renney. In Jovanovski, they get an experienced defensemen who can also help a struggling power play unit—which has seen five forwards on the ice more often than not..."

...I have my doubts that this trade is even being discussed, but the only way I make this trade is if the Rangers can get Roszival's name out of the discussion. Not sure who they could insert in his place, but there's no way I'm trading Roszival's 9 goals and 13 assists, especially for Jovanovski.

...Shane Doan wouldn't be bad to have on this team. His 9 goals, 18 assists and +8 on the right wing would fit in nice with with Gomez and Straka.

...I know the Jagr apologists will be all over this saying how could you trade one of the best players ever. But, you know what, the guy has a history of dogging it when he's not happy and right now he's dogging it. Maybe he's a lot more upset with the Rangers not resigning Nylander than was originally thought.

The Ottawa Sun's Bruce Garrioch mentions that one team that might be willing to trade for Jagr would be the Detriot Red Wings...

"... If the Rangers decide to trade W Jaromir Jagr at the deadline, Detroit is a possible destination. There is no way New York GM Glen Sather will deal Jagr to a team in the East..."

...just the fact that Jagr's name has been mentioned in so many trade discussions has to make you think that the Rangers are shopping him. And to tell you the truth, maybe earlier in the year I would be against this, but as the season moves along and Jagr continues to struggle I'm now starting to think that trading him might be for the best.


bigblue said...

I don't think Jagr's going anywhere after tonight's game.

Kovy said...

Does this guy Sallows even know what he's talking about? When do the Rangers 'more often than not' have five forwards on the ice for the power play?