Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Rangers & Knicks Share Owner but Little Else

Lynn Zinser at the New York Times, has an article about the vast differences between the state of the Rangers and Knicks, despite having the same owner...

"...From the Rangers’ point of view, the Knicks operate in a sort of parallel universe, separated by something deeper than distance. Their playing fortunes could hardly be more different. The Rangers are 16-12-2, a point out of first place in their division, and looking to contend for a championship this season. The Knicks (6-14) are struggling to avoid public ridicule...

...These days, the Rangers generate little controversy away from the playing arena; such occurrences seem to be a Knicks staple. Most of the Rangers live in Manhattan; the Knicks largely stay in Westchester County. Many Rangers ride the subway to the Garden. When they drive to practice here, they enter the same secure players parking lot as the Knicks do, parking their Land Rovers and BMWs alongside the Knicks’ flashier cars, a collection that includes a Bentley...

...As forward Brendan Shanahan added: 'The difference is, we’re in parking spaces and they just park anywhere. We actually park in the lines. They just pull up to the door and get out of the car.'..."

...great article on the state of these two franchises.

...I think a lot of this has to also do with the NHL player mentality versus the NBA player mentality. With the NBA player its about the "bling bling," while the NHL player is more blue collar.

...I know this is a Ranger site, but man the Knicks are an embarrassment. What happened to the days of Ewing, Starks and LJ?

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