Friday, December 21, 2007

Sakic and Smyth Out Tonight

According to, Joe Sakic and Ryan Smyth are almost certain to miss tonight's game...

"The Colorado Avalanche could be without two of their most important players for the next few games and possibly more, according to a Denver Post report.

Forward Ryan Smyth is waiting for the test results on a neck injury so severe that even a slight move of the head causes severe pain. Center Joe Sakic continues to suffer with an injured groin.

Sakic has not played since picking up the injury in a game at San Jose on Nov. 30 and hasn't skated at all since Saturday after the groin apparently tightened..."

...without those two in the lineup tonight we might actually have a chance. Sorry to sound so negative, but this team is really frustrating me right now. Hopefully we can take advantage of this.

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bpette02 said...

The Rangers are sucking the little Christmas spirit I have right out of me.