Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Hossa Back in the Lineup?

Sam Weinman at the Rangers Report, says that Hossa will most likely be back in the lineup Thursday night...

"Marcel Hossa appears to be headed back in the lineup, but we won’t know for sure until tomorrow."

...Renney finally gets the lineup right, the Rangers respond with a 4-0 victory and now he wants to change the lineup again?

...the only way I won't be completely out-of- my-mind upset with this move is if Hossa is put on the 4th line for either Hollweg or Orr. Because having a player who has 1 goal in 27 games on any other line but the 4th is unacceptable.

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fleisch14 said...

even though Hollweg played a nice game againt the Pens he should sit when we need more offense then toughness. Hossa is faster, can handle the puck and plays strong defense. Tonight is a perfect night to see him on the ice.