Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Boogie Man Hosts a Fighting Camp for Kids!!!

In a top 10 list of NHL nicknames, Mike Kamrowski at The Hockey Writers informs us that the Rangers newest signing Derek Boogaard hosts a fighting camp...

"This guy is so into his job as a heavy weight that he, along with his brother Aaron, has his own camp for fighting- The Derek and Aaron Boogaard Fighting Camp for children ages 12-18."

...that is awesome. Boogaard is officially worth every penny of that contract.

Boogaard's nickname "The Boogie Man" comes in at #8 on the list.

For more on the fighting camp click here.

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1 comment:

Bryan said...

I am glad that fighting is still an important part of the game, and I am looking forward to what the Boogie Man could potentially bring to this team.

The "new" NHL has made it difficult for guys that are one dimentional fighter types to be productive in any way offensively. Makes you wonder how a guy like Bob Probert would have one if he played in today's NHL. The guy may have been the toughest S.O.B. to ever play the game, but he also had a decent set of hands and could put the puck in the net. He had his demons off the ice but still went way to young. RIP Bob Probert