Thursday, January 8, 2009

Eklund: Devils Trying to Get Jagr this Year

Eklund at HockeyBuzz is reporting...

"Two different sources, one oversees, agree that the NJ have (sic) serious interest in Jaromir Jagr and are trying to find Jagr a way out of his Russian contract. There are several rumours that the KHL may be in deep trouble here with players across the board being asked to take serious cuts in salary midway through the season."

...the line for criticizing this rumor forms to the left. Wow!!!!


Jess Rubenstein said...

If you want to help Eklund then keep posting his foolish reports.

When you post a link to his stuff you are inviting people to go read his stuff which makes him money.

The less attention he gets the better the hockey world is

NYRFan said...

I posted a poll on this site a month ago asking readers if they wanted me to continue posting Eklund's rumors and the overwhelming majority said yes.

If anyone is foolish enough to pay for them then they deserve to have their money taken by that guy.

I've said numerous times that this blog was created to bring everything on the web regarding the Rangers into one spot. No matter how ridiculous. And I always point out how ridiculous the Eklund's rumors are as evidenced in this post.

However in light of your comments I'm probably going to start just posting the 'rumor' and not linking directly to his site.

Keep up the great work at The Prospect Park.