Thursday, January 15, 2009

Rangers Return to Basics

Dan Rosen at says the Rangers are feeling as though they have finally embraced their identity as a blue-collar, disciplined, low-scoring, defense-first team backed by an all-world goalie...

"To get it back, the Rangers had to again believe the selfless system that worked in October was best for them. Considering you're talking about sacrificing goals for defense, that's not such an easy message to hammer home.

The big-money players have to swallow their pride and backcheck for their paycheck. The defensemen have to be grittier, more willing to pay a price and less willing to take a chance. The goalie has to make sure he doesn't have an off night."

...while I don't enjoy it, if the Rangers can continue to play this style of hockey they're going to be a tough to team to beat down the stretch and into the playoffs.

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