Sunday, September 14, 2008

Not a Good Omen

The New York Rangers prospect team was shutout in both their games so far in the Traverse City Tournament. Yesterday they lost to the Red Wing prospects 4-0, while today they lost 3-0 to the Thrashers prospects. For game one recap click here. For game two click here.

Before anyone jumps off a cliff (just kidding), looks like the Rangers were looking to evaluate players more then win as Dan Rosen at reports after speaking with Rangers assistant GM Jim Schoenfeld during the tournament...

"So, of course, I struck up a conversation with Schoenfeld. I asked him if there is a specific coaching strategy to these games or do the guys on the bench just wing it. He said you want to roll lines because you have to see everybody. He wasn’t kidding. Even on the Rangers power play, they rolled four lines and three sets of defensemen.

Schoenfeld said each team will have it’s own strategy, but they are here to see the players so you have to put them in positions that you want to see them in. He made a point of mentioning that some of the guys here are on a tryout basis, so you have to see what they can and can not do to see if you want to offer them a contract. Some of the guys here are also are potential candidates for NHL jobs so you want to see their development before training camp."

Rosen also reports that Ranger first round pick Michael Del Zotto will be headed back to his junior team and that the Rangers will be bringing extra kids with them to Europe.

...our prospects suck. Just kidding. The Traverse is great way to get some of these young guys some valuable playing time before being sent down back to Hartford or their junior team.

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