Saturday, September 20, 2008

Dellapina Leaves The Daily News

One of the best Ranger beat writers out there John Dellapina at The Daily News will be leaving to join the NHL as their Director of Media Relations. Here's Dellapina in his own words at The Blueshirt Blog...

"The Rangers will win the Cup this season.

I know this because I won’t be there. At least, not to chronicle it.

I’m leaving the Daily News after 15 ½ years. The last 14 of them have been spent as the Rangers beat writer. And since I took over the beat in July 1994 - a few weeks after the Rangers last won the Cup - I figure my daily presence is as good a reason as any why a fifth championship banner hasn’t been hung from the Garden’s spoked ceiling since."

...the curse of Dellapina is over!!! Just kidding John. We will miss you and your amazing insight on our beloved blueshirts. Good luck and maybe you can slap some sense into Gary Bettman.

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bpette02 said...

Well, the Daily News has had the worst hockey coverage in town since the lock-out. So it makes sense he would be leaving.