Monday, September 22, 2008

Naslund Can't Handle the "C"

Responding to listing Marcus Naslund as a Ranger Captain in their game notes for the Rangers preseason opener in Ottawa on Saturday, Hockey Tard at HockeyDump takes a look (albeit sarcastic) at Naslund's ability to lead...

"This seems like an Amazingly wonderful idea considering Markus couldn't handle the pressure of wearing the "C" in Vancouver, so slapping one on his jersey in New York is about as bright as dumping some Vogue intern in the middle Texas.....oh, wait."

For more on the Rangers captaincy visit Puck Daddy.

...i'm assuming Renney just ceremoniously put Naslund down as a Captain for the game. Although you do have to wonder why he didn't give it to Gomez.

...i don't think many Ranger fans will be happy if Naslund skates out wearing the "C" tonight in the preseason home opener over Gomez. I know I won't.


bpette02 said...

Who cares it's preseason. Drury should be the captain when the season starts anyway.

Anonymous said...


HockeyTard said...

Thanks for the link, I will add to our blog list. -HT.