Tuesday, September 23, 2008

To Nedved or Not to Nedved

Last night Petr Nedved showed he still has some gas left in the tank. Heck, even Mark Messier mentioned how good he looked. But even if he continues this impressive play throughout the preseason can his 36-year-old body hold up? Brett Cyrgalis at The Blue Seats tries to answer this question...

"I guess what scares me about that is the memories of being in the stands between 1997-2004 and hearing the things that were said about Nedved. And when the games start getting quicker in October, will he be able to hang? And if he can't, will the fans get down on him, down on the team and begin a snowball effect of hatred? I just don't think his 36-year-old body, or his 36-year-old psyche would be able to deal with it."

Stan Fischler at MSG.com has more on Nedved making the cut.

...another reason to not give Nedved a roster spot is it will stunt the growth of younger players such as Korpikoski, Anisimov or Parenteau.

...plus we need a defensive presence on the 4th line which Blair Betts provides.


Anonymous said...

It wasn't until Jagr's last two years in the NHL that he began to really hustle and backcheck thus making a defensive effort. I can't see Nedved being all that two-way.

matthew said...

i would be very disapointed if betts did not make the team..big mistake he is solid on the PK.

NYRFan said...

Absolutely it would be a huge mistake.