Thursday, September 25, 2008

Lightning 4 Rangers 2

The New York Rangers lost to the Tampa Bay Lightning by a score of 4-2, tonight at MSG. The Rangers are now 1-4 on the preseason.

For recap, boxscore and play-by-play go to

For post game quotes go to Blue Notes. least they didn't lose 3-2 again.

...didn't watch much of the game as I was too busy biting my nails off watching the Mets. Beltran!!!! But from what I saw, Prucha has to get some confidence back in his offensive game. He could have easily had a hat trick tonight.

...can't see how Korpikoski doesn't make this team. Even if we have to put him on a wing. it me or is Voros literally trying to fight his way onto this team.

...i think Nedved is done. While he looks great now. You have to assume he's been giving his all just to make the team and won't look nearly this fresh come February when the games really start to count.

...once again tons of shots 47 and only 2 goals. I can't take another year of this.

...hopefully with most of our starters in there on Saturday against New Jersey we'll see a few more goals.


Anonymous said...

go get Shanny!, atleast he knows how to freakin score.

Anonymous said...

Shanny is the reason we had 40 shots and 2 goals. If I watch him hit the goalie right in the middle of his pads on the powerplay one more time I'll go nuts. The guy is too slow, too old, and doesn't score like he used to. He WAS a hall of famer, now he would be a waste of a jock strap.

These kids have no chemistry yet and Renney hasn't worked on offense yet. (Though thats a joke) We played this game without our top 2 lines. Let's let these kids sort it out for themselves.

Anonymous said...

How about Colton Orr's fight? That had to be the hardest hitting fight of the pre-season. I hope Puck Daddy blog mentions it.

Anonymous said...

i think its sad when we have no scoring threat.

NYRFan said...

While the lack of scoring is concerning, I don't think Shanahan is the answer. I think you have to give this team as constructed two months before looking to bring back Shanahan (if still available) or Sundin. It's only preseason.

Anonymous said...

no to sundin that will screw up chemistry more between the centers. I dont get worried cause its preseason. I just dont think we have a scoring threat.