Saturday, September 20, 2008

Tonight's Line-up

Here is the split squad roster that will be playing in Ottawa tonight...

G: Valiquette, Wiikman

D: Staal-Rozsival, Mara-Potter, Del Zotto, Fahey

F: Dawes-Drury-Prucha, Byers-Dubinsky-Callahan, Voros-Betts-Orr, Rissmiller-Moore-Sjostrom.

...none of the big acquisitions in the line-up tonight. However, I am looking forward to watching first round pick Del Zotto.


matthew said...

Iam realy looking for to checkin out Del Zotto too. I live in buffalo and have center ice, iam not sure if they are gunna show this game.

What team would you rather have, this years team or last years?

Anonymous said...

Hockey!! finally ... btw TSN is doing 30 teams in 30 days and today is the Rangers.

NYRFan said...

I would rather have this year's team by far. Love the skating ability of this team. A little worried about the size but I think we're tough enough to get past that.