Monday, September 22, 2008

Monday Headlines


...can't believe the Rangers actually told Shanahan he could come and try-out. That is such a slap in the face to a Hall of Fame player.

...c'mon Sather. Cut him loose or sign him. You're making a mockery of the situation.


brian said...

I think its obvious that Sather is trying to nicely say "No thank you", but Shanahan does not seem to be getting the hint. There is absolutely no place for him on this team right now, and there isn't going to be a place in the coming weeks. Our backs are pushed up against the cap as it is, and there isn't even roster room.

That comparison to Bernie Williams is crap too. Bernie was a career Yankee, whereas Shanahan only played 2 seasons in NY. So what if he is a future hall of famer? We don't owe a single thing to Shanahan. I think Sather should be recognized for doing what is best for the team. Shanahan is a shadow of his former self, but is still a big name, and Sather is still saying no. So many Ranger fans hate Sather for always going after the big name, but now when he is not and doing what is right for the team, everyone is up in arms. Over what? A 39 year old, who's production has dropped from 81 points, to 62, to 46 in the last 3 years? Who looks like he has cement in his skates?

You hate to say it because he is a future hall of famer and he is a great character guy and great team player, but Shanny is washed up and doesn't deserve a spot on this younger, faster, more dynamic team.

NYRFan said...

I have said all along that I do not want Shanahan back on this team. And Sather needs to just end it, not say it nicely, not offer a try-out, just end it.