Sunday, September 28, 2008

Staying Pat, Valiquette vs. Bern & Staal Hurt

Sam Weinman at The Rangers Report tells us that Tom Renney will be sticking with his line combinations from yesterday meaning Chris Dury will stay on Gomez' wing. Weinman says this is notable because 'Among the knocks against the coach is that he is a) too defensive-minded and b) too trigger happy jumbling his lines.' Weinman also reports that Valiquette will start against SC Bern and Lundqvist in the Victoria Cup game.

Andrew Gross at Ranger Rant reports that Marc Staal injured either his shoulder or arm in yesterday's loss to the Devils.

...despite my saying that the Drury experiment didn't work, I'm glad Renney's giving it another chance. I'd actually stay with it the next two games. Renney needed to change the Dawes-Drury-Prucha line. Not enough size.

...with the way Redden and Rozsival have been playing this preseason we better hope Staal's injury isn't too serious.


bpette02 said...

I actually thought the line Drury was playing on was with Dawes and Prucha.

NYRFan said...

Nice catch. My mind was still off after the Mets game. I made the change. Either way that line was too small.