Monday, September 22, 2008

Rangers 2, Senators 1

The New York Rangers defeated the Ottawa Senators by the score of 2 to 1 at MSG tonight to split the home-and-home series.

For a full recap and box score go to Yahoo! Sports.

For post game quotes visit The Rangers Report. does this mean Nedved actually has a shot at making this team? Maybe we could move Dubinsky to the wing on the second line and have Nedved center the third line? Do I have all the Nedved haters going nuts yet? But you have to admit, he did look pretty good out there.

...i know its only been two preseason games but I am loving the way this team looks right now. Playing hard, skating fast I love it. Right now it's looking like the decision to go with younger faster players is going to pay off.

...despite getting toasted by Isbister of all people, I thought Redden had a nice game. Including 6 shots on goal. I hope Rozsival was watching.

...Naslund-Gomez-Zherdev continued to click tonight and I think someone showed Zherdev the Larry Brooks article as he had a really nice back check while on the power play and his play against the boards to seal the game was outstanding.

...and Naslund got some major points with me for sticking up for Zherdev after Ruutu (Does anyone else want to punch that guy in the face?) took a cheap shot at him at the end of the game. Maybe he should be wearing the "C" afterall. Just kidding. the way 0-7 on the power play. Perry Pern (insert insult here)!!!

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Anonymous said...

It was a pretty good game. The Rangers totally dominated...what was the shot count?

Man, I was so confused when Nedved scored. I guess he could work but I just remember him NEVER hitting the net when it counted (high and wide!).

Zherdev looked great--reminded me a little bit of Kovalev.