Saturday, October 10, 2009

Gaborik Like Aurora Borealis in the Northern Sky

Sam McCaig at The Hockey News looks at the good, bad, big and bittersweet starts to the NHL season and has this to say about Marian Gaborik...

3. Good Start, Part 3
Like aurora borealis in the northern sky, Marian Gaborik is a beautiful, but rare sight. Fortunately for the Rangers, the oft-injured ex-Wild star is shimmering on Broadway right now, with points in each of his first four games, including four goals. Gaborik scored the tying and winning goals against Alex Ovechkin’s Capitals on Oct. 8 and he made up for lost time – a little bit – by firing eight shots (one goal) against Sidney Crosby’s Pittsburgh Penguins in the Rangers’ season opener on Oct. 2. When he’s on, there are very, very few players in the NHL who are as dynamic as the ultra-skilled Slovak. Question is, how long will he be on (the ice) before his groin acts up again? Here’s hoping he stays healthy for a change.

...i second that notion.

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