Sunday, February 15, 2009

Renney's Days Numbered?

Steve Zipay at Blue Notes feels that some Ranger players---not all---have tuned Tom Renney out, and his growing suspicion is that if the Rangers don't respond with wins Monday in St. Louis and at home against the Islanders on Wednesday, Renney could be fired.

For Renney's thought's on this latest loss including his response to the "Fire Renney" chants go to The Ranger Report.

...i think we can all agree that this is not all Renney's fault. But the players aren't going anywhere and because of Jim Dolan's fondness of Sather, his job is pretty secure as well. So Renney is the obvious choice to go.

...Renney hasn't helped himself either with his refusal to play Prucha (nice to finally see him back in there today) and arbitrarily benching players like Zherdev today. How in the world is Zherdev, our only offensive threat, benched, while the $39 million power play quarterback defenseman Redden, who hasn't scored since the home opener, is out their shift after shift. Mind boggling.

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