Thursday, May 27, 2010

Winter Classic Location to Be Announced Tomorrow (Updated)

Update, 6:09 p.m.:
TSN reports the Pittsburgh Penguins will host the Washington Capitals at Heinz Field for the 2011 Winter Classic, while the Montreal Canadiens will travel to Calgary sometime in February to face the Flames at McMahon Stadium.

...hey at least we got the Super Bowl.

Original Post:
A reader just informed me that today on WFAN's Mike Francesa Radio Show, Gary Bettman said the NHL will announce the location of the 2011 Winter Classic tomorrow.

WFAN hasn't uploaded the interview yet. Once they do I'll link to it.

Citi Field has been rumored to be in the running. I'm praying for Citi Field.


Anonymous said...

wow this is ocmpletely unfair. Why should pittsburgh be allowed to play in another winter classic. This pisses me off. Rangers vs Islanders or capitals at Citi Field

Kevin DeLury said...

It's all about ratings and Crosby vs. Ovechkin is a much bigger draw than Rangers vs. Islanders or Caps.

fleisch said...

I agree this is BS.... then play the game in Baltimore or where the redskins play, and have the Caps play another team.