Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Messier Not Being Blamed for Canada's Failure

Chris Johnston at the Canadien Press reports Hockey Canada president Bob Nicholson is not blaming GM Mark Messier for Canada's disappointing seventh place finish at the World Hockey Championship.

"I thought he put everything into this," Nicholson said Saturday after a meeting with the IIHF Congress. "I certainly haven't sat down and had a debrief with Mark, it's not the time to do that (yet). I'm sure he'll be the first to say that he learned a lot. I was really happy with how engaged he was and I felt disappointment for him -- I know how emotional he was when we lost.

"That's why you like having Mark Messier."

...i obviously could care less how Canada did in the Worlds. This was a great learning experience for Messier and can only benefit him and hopefully the Rangers organization down the road.

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