Thursday, May 13, 2010

Richter a Traitor?

Philabright catches Mike Richter shaking hands with Flyers owner Ed Snider after last night's huge Game 6 victory by Philadelphia to force a Game 7 in Boston.

...i know Richter is from Philadelphia but c'mon man. What's next Ulf Nilsson taking Denis Potvin out to dinner?

...h/t to Puck Daddy.


rusty said...

Just opened my season ticket renewal invoice and, as hoped, found the price to be the same as last year. I guess that would be the only silver lining to the cloud of last season.

Amos said...

i always come check out this blog, and it's great, but surely you meant traitor right?

NYRFan said...

Oops. Thanks for the spell check.